Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Style Essentials


Style essentials. Let's break it down here, I'm not talking about the cute trendy clothes we buy, I'm talking about the bare necessities. The items you must have in your closet at all times, the things you pack first in your suitcase if you are going away for a few days. Items that really make you feel like yourself. Here are some items I have in my closet all the time, I can't live without them.

Long Cardigans
I don't know what it is about long cardigans or "grandpa sweaters", but I love them. When it's cold I grab for these sweaters first. I have these sweaters in all the basic colors, black, grey, brown, cream. I love how they go with almost anything and I always feel safe and comfy when I'm wearing one.

Black Converse "Chucks"
I have been wearing Chucks for as long as I can remember. They are essential and actually look good with almost any outfit. You can wear them with shorts, jeans, skirts, even casual dresses, regardless they always look cool. I love my stilettos and wedges but Chucks have a special place in my heart.

Vintage Jewelry or "Vintage Like"
I love vintage earrings and necklaces. They dress up any outfit and don't look overly "bling" which tends to scare me. I have a small collection of vintage earrings and a huge collection of vintage like necklaces. I love anything with owls or fish on it.

Knock em' dead lipstick or lip gloss
Every girl needs to have a knock em' dead lipstick or lip gloss in their bag. I personally love a good hot pink or red lipstick. A bold lipstick or lip gloss color can turn any day time look into a night time look. Plus you never know who you will meet and ladies you should always be ready to knock em' dead!

Black Liquid Liner
I am a liquid liner fiend. This is not a secret and I am not ashamed. I have always loved black liner and will always love black liner. It is apart of me and I will never part with it.

Statement Handbag
I may not like paying an obscene amount of money on jeans and clothes, but I am totally fine with dropping a whole paycheck on a purse I love, call me crazy I don't care. Whether it's a beautiful Chanel or even those Forever21 bags, if it makes a statement you need it in your life.

Skinny Jeans
I was against the whole skinny jean movement when they first started becoming popular. I searched stores wondering what happened to regular jeans. But once I embraced the skinny jean I realized how versatile they were. Now I always have a good pair of skinny jeans in my closet. They look cute with my heels, my flats, and most important they look cute with my chucks.

This is self explanatory, every girl should carry sunglasses. I had laser surgery on my eyes years and years ago and ever since then I realized how important it is to take care of your eyes. I have always been a little sensitive to light but after the amount of money I spent on my eyes I treat them like precious diamonds. Plus sunglasses are also great for those mornings when I haven't had my coffee yet.

Basic Tees
Basic tees are fun and come in a variety of colors. Some days I don't want to overly think about 'what to wear' so I throw on jeans and a basic tee. I have them in every color and sometimes even layer them for fun.

So ladies, what items are apart of your style essential list?


Sabrina said...

I LOVE THIS POST!!!! And I love your style. For me, unfortunately most of my essentials don't fit as I've gained weight :( But I always need:

Cashmere cardigans
Classic flats (usually Jcrew because they are affordable and I wear them to death)
Bronzer (my choice is EB)
Basic tees (I need to replenish my closet, I've worn mine to death and threw out a bunch last month)
Silk blouses

LOVE your jewelry and bag taste and I love that you call them "essential" :) I don't wear much jewelry but I love the way it looks on my friends and family.

I'm not sure I can call nice bags an essential. It's more of a want than need ... actually wait, no, you're right. When I see a gorgeous bag, it's like I NEED IT OR I WILL DIE.

Love this post. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend Diane!!!

Jamilla Camel said...

cashmere sweaters
GAP long sleeve tees
Prada trainers/Fit Flops
Prescription Ray Bans
Slim leg black cotton trousers
Bobbi Brown lipsticks
Mulberry Mitzy cross-body bag
Fresh Lemon Sugar fragrance

Kalmo said...

I love long cardigans, I wear them all the time. ^^ Vintage jewelry is gorgeous. A good bag definitely makes me feel more put together or stylish when I go out. I agree with sunglasses.

Hmm I would add a nice pair of flats to the list. Sunscreen is a must for me. I would add maxi dress for the summer because they feel dressy but are still casual. Great post!

Lilladylife said...

super nice post!!!!!

I love the picks u have here!!! I think i have that oil necklace.. or one VERY simm from F21 lol

Black Skinny jeans
Flats (pref black)
Sheer loose blouses in all colors
Lots of vintage jewelry to mix and match
more purses than I need!
Sunscreen + concealer!

나니 said...


Kristie said...

What a fun post! My essentials are also cardigans, tank tops in all colors of the rainbow, flats, fragrance, and an easy to throw around bag. I was also against the skinny jeans trend but I'm starting to love them now.

Zuzu's Petals said...

Great post; I love your essentials! Mine are:

Pea coat
Black turtleneck
Brow pencil
Leather tote
Red lipstick (LM Bing Cherry)
Grandmother's pearls
Ray-Ban Dekko sunglasses
Cashmere repp scarves
White tee shirts
Chanel No.19
Bangle bracelets
Platinum hoop earrings
Black liquid or gel eyeliner
Mason Pearson brush
Oxford cloth button-down shirts
Trench coat
Navy blazer

amynaree said...

where is the fish necklace and the HC scarf??!!!!! lol

Tammy said...

We have several in common! Grandpa sweaters, skinny jeans, & basic tees!! I can't forget my them!

Summer said...

I looooove posts like this one, so cool to find out about everyone's favourites <3 We do have a few in common, like the long cardigans, black eyeliner and statement lipstick! :)

Anna said...

Amen to the Chucks. A lot of girls wear super high heels now. Love a girl who lists Chucks as her style essentials.

Emily Lim said...

I love your style. We have the same shade of lippie for I prefer red colored lippies because they make me look sexy. And of course, chucks! Nothing beats the comfort that chucks brings.

Jean Stapleton said...

it's very soft and comfortable,good quality, true to size,light weighted but warm enough for winter.just perfect! love it :) ....