Monday, June 6, 2011

Bright Eyes For Summer


Who cares if your wardrobe is full of mostly black, gray, and white clothes, you can brighten any look with a little pop of bold liner. I am a huge fan of colored liners. I feel like I've reached the age where turquoise, purple, and green eye shadows tend to make me feel a little childish. However, since I still love bright colors why not put together the things I love most, neutral eye shadows and bright liners.

I know a lot of woman feel like bold liner might be a bit too much. That's not true, I feel like any woman at any age can pull off bold liner if you do it right. There was a month were I wore blue eye liner almost everyday. At this point I started expanding my color choices. Now I wear green, blue, purple, gold, gray, and other bold eyeliners. My method is to pair your bright eyeliners with neutral eye shadows.

Normally I pair my taupe eye shadows with either purple or blue liners, gold shadows usually calls for green liners or orange. Any eye shadow in the beige family can pretty much pair with any liner color. Of course this is not the only way to do it, mix and match your shadows and come up with your own combinations. Below are a few of my favorite that I have put together.

Click to enlarge photo

  • MAC Bronze / MAC Float On By
  • Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill #9 / MAC So There Jade
  • Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill #15 / MAC Rosemary & Thyme
  • Le Metier De Beaute Corinthian / Dolce & Gabbana #8
  • Le Metier De Beaute Jojo / CHANEL Style Yeux Waterproof #83 Cassie
  • Burberry No.03 Porcelain / Inglot #35
  • Edward Bess Mystery / MAC Temperature Rising

  • Rock & Republic Lost / MAC I Get No Kick
  • Burberry No.09 Rosewood / Inglot #23
  • Edward Bess Intimate / MAC Out To Sea
  • NARS Etrusque / Giorgio Armani 03

Last but not least, my final tip about using color liners- don't go over board. If you're still scared start slow, use the color liners for your water line first. Once you get comfortable expand and use it on your top line. Try to keep your lines fine, and not too thick. I don't make cat eyes, or thick lines when I use color liners. Other than that, have fun!


Martha said...

I love neutral eyes with bright liner for summer. I love how you did the pairings in this post!

productdoctor said...

Great post!!!! I love the color combinations you showed, especially the olive green liner by MAC. This really gave me some great ideas on how to wear colored liner without looking to over the top!

Lilladylife said...

neutral shadow with a more fun colored liner seems like more progressive way to carry off the trend!! thanks for the idea!!! i have alot of nice liner colors i nv have the guts to wear, but maybe this way will be easier! thanks for posting!

Donna ♥ Baby said...

i love your photos and your swatches. especially love how you paired each shade of brown to a certain colored pencil. genius! love this post :)

Jamilla Camel said...

Really chic colour pairings!

I'm going to do a Tangerine post this week, but I'm keeping the eyes neutral.

Hopelessly Devoted To Makeup said...

What a fantastic post this was! I'm drooling over your neutral eye shadow collection btw. I'm a sissy when it comes to bright liners but I really loved your tips and suggestions! You make me want to step out of my comfort zone. :)

PerilouslyPale said...

What a great idea for a post! I don't own any fun liner (or barely any pencil liners for that matter) but these are such pretty combinations. I always wonder if blue eyes can pull off looks like these? Thanks!

Cindy (Prime Beauty) said...

I do the same thing, especially in the summer. Great post!

Makeup Magpie said...

Love these combinations! This has inspired me to pull out my colorful liners and use them more often :) Thanks for the great post!

Creative Packaging said...
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Red lips, Black hair said...

GREAT post! There's so much pretty going on I can't stand it!