Thursday, April 14, 2011

Inglot Soft Precision Eyeliner: 23, 24, 27, 35, 36, and 42

Inglot Soft Precision Eyeliner ($9.00)
Molded type pencil with soft but precise application. Paraben free formula.

While shopping in Las Vegas last weekend I came across the Inglot store again and decided to try something besides the shadows. I love eyeliners, I have dark eyes so I tend to use colored eyeliners in my waterline or under eye area for a pop of color. Inglot has 6 different types or eyeliners but I chose to try the Soft Precision Eyeliner because of the variety of colors it came in. The Inglot Soft Precision Eyeliners come in 22 colors, I chose 6 colors:
  • 23 - Gunmetal Grey
  • 24 - Blue
  • 27 - Iridescent Blue/Purple
  • 35 - Gold
  • 36 - Iridescent Purple
  • 42 - Maroon

(Lightly pressed)
Special thanks to Mr.Orange2LA for letting me draw hearts on his arm.
I'm left handed and couldn't draw it on myself.

These eyeliners are great considering they are only $9.00. The Soft Precision Eyeliners are smooth and easy to apply on the eyelids, no tugging required. The liners glide-on easily and smudge beautifully and effortlessly even on my dry under eye area. These liners even work great as a base. Since the Soft Precision Eyeliners are not waterproof they don't have the best staying power, they last for about 5 hours which still is not that bad in my opinion. I think these are great pencils and I intend on trying a few more colors. Please remember these liners are not waterproof, if you are looking for something that is smudge proof and will last all day these are not for you. On the other hand, if you want fun liners in different colors to add a little pop of color to your everyday look these are great.

Pressed harder for a different effect.
(I need a tan)


amynaree said...

I'm loving how you are drawing little hearts for swatches!

Kalmo said...

Aw your husband is so sweet to help with swatching, especially with hearts. :) Thanks for the review.

Kasia said...

Great review! It's nice to see you trying Inglot :)


Kalmo said...

Aw thanks for the sweet comment Diane. I was thinking about the Super Solano too but I just got the Elchim because it was cheaper LOL.

You don't need a tan! You skin is great the way it is. ^^

Blovet Beauty said...

I love 42! It looks like a warm lovely brown , even though it's suppose to be dark red. Totally pretty!

Lilladylife said...

ahhh i really got to get myself to the inglot store! keep forgetting!

G A B Y said...

Hey girl, please tell me, do you use a light box for your pictures? They always look so perfect! x

Hannah Michelle said...

Haha cute love hearts, very pretty colours though!

cushy said...

pretty colors on pretty hearts