Monday, April 4, 2011

Clairol Nice n' Easy Foam in Black

Once again it's time to dye my hair. Currently my hair has turned into this mousy brown color that drives me crazy. I have been using Palty Hair Dye in Black for awhile, Palty is a Japanese brand of hair dye. I later tested Prettia Hair Dye in Sweet Pink which is also a Japanese brand foam hair color. I went back to Palty after finding it hard to locate Prettia in Black. I finally found it on Ebay but never received the package, I don't think it was the sellers fault I think it got taken away in customs. So I was dye-less, (is that a word?) and still mousy brown.

Then I started seeing commercials for the American version of foam hair color. I was shocked that Americans finally jumped on the band wagon and came out with a foam hair color. For those of you who are not familiar, foam hair dye has been used and have become very popular in countries in Asia for years. I decided to give our American brand a chance to see how it stacks up against my beloved Japanese brands.

Clairol Nice n' Easy Color Blend Foam
This new, easy-to-apply hair color formula begins as a liquid, then applies as a foam. And it puts dimensional hair color right at your fingertips.

Inside Each Box:
  1. Formula 
  2. Activator
  3. ColorSeal Conditioning Gloss (2 packs)
  4. Foam pump dispenser
  5. Rubber gloves
  6. Instructions
My experience with this hair dye is completely positive.

I felt this hair dye was fast, simple, and easy to use even for a complete klutz like myself. I decided at the last minute right before hopping into my shower to test this out. I grabbed the box followed the instructions and was done super fast. My husband can't believe I can dye my hair so easily.

"How do you dye your own hair... all that hair..."

Haha, I'm glad I can impress someone, anyways- back to the hair.

Apply the foam to your hair like you would shampoo, once you have all your hair covered let it sit for 25 minutes and rinse it out. Nice n' Easy even includes a conditioner you use to seal the dye in after you wash your hair. Japanese brands always include a special conditioner with their hair dyes and I always wondered why American brands didn't do this, so good job Nice n' Easy.

What I don't understand is the reviews I read on MakeupAlley, they are so bad. This hair dye is so simple to use! Some of the complaints were that this dye was hard to use, or was messy. What hair dye isn't messy? That all depends on you and how careful you are. I think black is the hardest color to dye your hair, it gets everywhere if you're not careful and it stains your skin. Of course I got some dye on my forehead, ears, and neck- like I said I'm a klutz! But I removed it as soon as I saw it. With any hair dye, if you get it on your skin hurry and remove it before it sets or else it will be hard to remove later. After everything was done, I didn't have any signs or stains that might imply I had just dyed my hair. I'll edit this post later and add some photos of the finished product.

Overall, I loved this hair dye. My hair came out black, shiny, and smelled great. I love how easy foam dyes are to use, and I love the conditioner packs they now include. I would suggest this to other newbies who want to dye their hair at home. But I do have one complaint: The instructions included in the box are not clear enough. What's up with that Nice n' Easy?

Since I am familiar with these foam hair dyes here are a few tips, and tricks I've learned from using the Japanese brand foam hair color:
  • Shake the bottle 3 times.
If you over shake the bottle the foam will come out runny and will not lather in your hair properly like the foam should. The instructions that come in the box just say "Shake", it doesn't say how many times. However, on their website it does state the shake 3 times rule. Why that didn't make it onto the instructions in the box I'll never know.
  • Do not use if the foam is runny.
Of course the first few squeezes might come out runny that's normal, but if it continues to be runny let the bottle sit for 30 seconds and squeeze the foam bottle 2-3 times until high quality foam is dispensed.
  • Do not re-shake during use.
  • Hold the bottle upright while squeezing.

Shiny and black right?

This video is probably the best video to watch if you aren't quite sure how to use foam hair color. It's not in English but you don't have to understand the language to understand what she's doing. Check it out!

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions!


~Lisa said...

Ooh! I can't wait to see photos!

Ahleessa said...

I was hoping to see a before and after pic of your dye... hehe~ It's all good though! After your review, now I want to dye my hair. I will wait until next week after my auntie flow leaves. :X

I'll try to review the Too Faced Primed & Poreless, but I cannot promise you anything... hehe~ I was going to use it after I finish my present one which I'm at the point of scraping with my finger. :X

Diane said...

@Ahleessa, I was lazy and didn't take photos of my hair. I probably will tomorrow and update this post so everyone can see. Which primer are you using now?


Glad to know you love this product and especially that it smells good! i usually hate the smell of dye stuffs. Maybe i should look in this particular brand as well...

I still haven't tried the nose pack but soon i will and too bad you didn't like it hehe:-)

Diane said...

@Minakichu, I hate the smell of hair dye also, but I guess it's just something I have to deal with if I color my hair. The smell of this brand wasn't bad at all. It's not that I didn't like the nose pack, it was just a little messy for me- but I am a klutz so maybe I'm a bad example.

Fruity Lashes said...

i dont usually dye my hair at home. i've only used prettia before and it didn't come out as good as at a salon. so how do you compare this to the prettia? can't wait to see more pix.

Diane said...

@Fruity Lashes, For me the only difference between Prettia and the Nice n' Easy was the color. Since the Prettia dye was Sweet Pink the color came out weird and actually was hard to change. It really changed the color of my hair, and the color would not go away. I would not suggest trying to highlight or do anything fancy if you are dying your hair yourself. If you are doing one color I think at home is fine.

Since now I only use black or dark brown hair dye it always comes out good. If I was dying my hair a different color like light brown, red, or a blonde color I would be scared! Overall both brands are identical, same bottles, same technique- I actually wondered if they use the same exact manufactor and just put their labels on the box.

Andreea said...

OMG what are you wearing on your lips? They look PEREFCT!

And your blush please :-)