Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jill Stuart Eye Jelly - First Jill Stuart Cream Shadow Experience

Oh yes, and my cream eye shadow addiction continues...

Jill Stuart is one of those brands that may not be for everyone. First and foremost it is hard to find in the US, Jill Stuart cosmetics are released in Asia. Second, her products are simple, feminine, everday wearable colors, so if you want big, bold, bright colors, you might want to look elsewhere. I have a few Jill Stuart eye shadow palettes, lipsticks, and blushes, but for some reason I never jumped on the eye jelly train until now. I love cream shadows; I love them as bases, or just by themselves, so I was hoping I would love Jill Stuart Eye Jelly.

  • 06 Berry Sparkle
  • 13 Antique Chiffon
  • 02 Gold Light
  • 10 Vintage Decor

Of course the first noticeable thing about these shadows is the packaging. Jill Stuart knows how to package cosmetics. The jars are beautiful, and girlie, they are also sturdy- nothing about the packaging looks or feels cheap. The shadows come in a glass bottom jar with silver mirror lids, and when you open them a beautiful floral smell is waiting inside. The texture is completely different from any other cream shadow I have tried, in the jar the texture looks almost like a shimmery jelly mousse. All four of the eye jellies I purchased are simple and pretty, the colors are sheer but buildable. The application itself is a little tricky; I used my fingers and a brush. The brush wasn't very helpful and I couldn't get the right consistency or look I wanted. It seemed I had more control when I used my fingers, the colors didn't lay smooth with the brush, but using my fingers really helped guide the color and left my lids with a smoother finish.

Gold Light 02

Antique Chiffon 13

A couple of things really surprised me about these shadows. Most importantly, they are a lot more shimmery than I had expected. I applied the shadows to my lids using my fingers, and boy did I get a glittery, shimmery surprise. Word to the wise: don't use more than 2 colors on one lid. The other thing that was shocking was how after applying the color, the jelly dried rather quickly and wouldn't move. At this point I realized in my makeup filled hurry I had forgotten to use any eye lid primer, and yet the shadows were on my lid, and they wouldn't budge. Another tip, be careful when applying; I was a tad messy the first time round' and got shimmer in places I didn't want and it wouldn't move without a fight. I wore the shadows all day, they didn't move or crease after a good 8 hours of wear, which was impressive.

Berry Sparkle 06

Vintage Decor 10

10, 02, 13, 06

The only bad thing about this product and any Jill Stuart product is mainly the availability in the US, the price will also be an issue for some people. Currently as far as I know and please let me know if you have updated information on this. The only place to buy Jill Stuart cosmetic products in person in the US is at the Jill Stuart Boutique in Soho, New York. All other purchases must be done online from various sellers. I ordered 2 of the eye shadows from Gooddealer, which in my opinion had the best prices and customer service. The other 2 were purchased for me by a friend and fellow blogger: Jennifer Life and Lens of Beauty.

If you don't have someone who can help you with a custom purchase you can find other popular Japanese websites that sell Jill Stuart products, but please price compare before purchasing.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Japanese Cosmetic Websites:
Gooddealer.com - Jill Stuart Section
Gooddealer.com - Main Website
(Due to the issues currently in Japan Ichibankao is closed until further notice)


Tammy said...

I have Berry Sparkle and Vintage Decor too hehe I love how it's packaged but I think the shimmer is a bit too much for me to wear everyday. Thanks for posting the swatches, D! :)

Eva said...

Nice! I only have 1 they are an interesting product haha A little too sparkly for my taste tho XD really nice for going out tho!

Kristie said...

I purchased one of these the last time I was in HKG. Like you, I love the packaging and unique texture. However, I had a hard time applying it without getting crazy shimmer all over my eyes. The colors are beautiful though.

tiffyama said...

Ah, these are so pretty! These may be too sparkley for my taste, but the swatches are lovely. Oh yes, and I love Jill Stuart's packaging a lot too. :]

Diane said...

@Tammy, Vintage Decor is my favorite, yeah the shimmer really surprised me.

@Eva, Yes they are probably more suited for going out. I could probably tone down the shimmer a bit with a matte shadow layered over.

@Kristie, The first time I used one of the jellies I got shimmer all over! I was shocked. But how can you turn down such cute packaging?

@tiffyama, I hope eventually JS comes out with some of these jellies in other finishes, like a matte finish or a pearlized finish without all the shimmer.

Mona said...

i find these really pretty to look at but find them a little too shimmery. nice for a night out though :D

Lakshmi said...

Gorgeous!! The two taupes are so pretty, exactly what I would have picked too! I went to the Jill Stuart boutique in Soho a few weeks ago, they have a tiny table with all these makeup products, not much of a display really but I've left my contact info in case they have events etc, will let you know if I hear anything. I have my eye on a jelly eye color and maybe a palette too... :)

Jennifer said...

#13 antique chiffon actually looks nice!!! :D i haven't swatched it before

Kimberly said...

Way sparkly!