Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blogger Meetup + Returning Products


My new favorite TV show "The Inbetweeners" is just ending and I'm trying to post this blog entry I've been attempting to write all day. Last Saturday I was able to meet up with Amy from amynaree and Kali from Cambo Soup at Santa Monica Promenade for some lunch and some retail therapy. Kali is so sweet and has the greatest smile, it is so contagious you can't help but smile and be happy when around her. Amy is so pretty and even cooler in person. Kali, Amy, and I couldn't stop talking and laughing the whole time! I was so nervous about meeting up with them I almost backed out until my husband finally told me "You better go or you're going to regret it, plus it's not like you're meeting some guy you met online", haha he was so right if I hadn't gone I really would have regretted it. LOL I love how Amy put it when she said "I felt like I was getting ready for a first date". I'm glad Kali and Amy were so awesome and we all just clicked. Of course we hit the Sephora even though none of us really "needed" anything. Here is what I got from Sephora:

Sephora lipgloss in #10
I actually got this Sephora lipgloss in two other colors but I ended up returning them, I'll talk about that later.

Dior Smothing Plumping Lip Balm

Okay, am I the only sucker who bought this so far? I only say that because I have been using it everyday since buying it and other than smoothing my lips a little I have yet to see any dramatic effects. It doesn't plump that's for sure. At $25 dollars you'd think this lip balm would do a little more than my Burt's Bee's Wax. If you haven't bought this good for you, keep your money this is a total FAIL for me.

Okay, this is the best thing I bought that day. We went into Victoria Secret and this was the "New Scent" they had on display. I wasn't even going to give it a second glance since I personally don't like the smell of coconut. But for some reason as I walked around I picked this up to smell it... and what happened? Well instant love happened right there in the middle of Victoria's Secret. This doesn't smell anything like coconut it smells like cupcakes, or cake batter I love it. The first time I used it my husband kept telling me "You smell good", which I found funny because my husband hates "dessert" smelling products.

Kali is so sweet she gave Amy, and me little gifts at the meet up, this is what she gave me:

This Body Butter smells so good! It smells like waffles, or something. The best way for me to describe it is- it smells like breakfast. =)
And what girl doesn't need face masks? I especially like the one that says "Young Skin". =P

Seriously, Kali and Amy are bomb dot com! =)

So here is my dilema. Help me I don't know what to do. Am I the only one who hates to return things? I really dread if I bought something and I have to return it. I don't know what it is. My husband gets mad because he thinks just return it who cares. But for me it's like... I hate to use the word embarassing, but I think that's the only word I can come up with it to explain it. That day at Sephora I bought the 3 lipglosses and the Dior lip balm. For the first time I didn't like ANY of those products. So I went to Sephora a few days later and exchanged the 2 Sephora lip glosses for this:

- Mini Buxom Lash Mascara in Blackest Black
- Mini Buxom Lip Stick in Amsterdam (deep raspberry)
-Buxom Lips in Dolly (dusty mauve)
- Buxom Insider Eyeliner in Onyx (absolute black)

For $32 dollars I thought this was a great deal, I love the lipgloss color, I wanted to try the Buxom inside eyeliner, and I love the Buxom Mascara (My HG Mascara) so I thought this was a great deal.

I really want to return the other Sephora lipgloss and the Dior lip balm but I'm crazy and can't bring myself to do it. Does anyone else have this problem? I just want to suck it up and go return it the damn things and get something I want! Arg.. I'm such a chicken. Blah  =(

Onto a more fun topic!

I'm excited I'm leaving for Vegas this Friday, I really need some sort of vacation. So my husband and I are heading to Vegas with a couple of friends to relax, shop and maybe squeeze in a facial, oh and of course to play some poker. =)
See all you lovely ladies when I get back!


Tammy said...

Ahhh I'm a chicken poo too when I have to return opened products. I feel I'm cheating the system of something :(

Yay! have fun in Vegas Diane!!!

Dina (XYYan) said...

the meeting sounds really fun! I've never returned anything yet and I don't think we can return stuffs at here.
wow, you're going to Vegas! have fun there and win big :D

Marce said...

Have a great time in Vegas! Oh and go ahead and return the product, it's better to give back than have something you'll never use at home! XO

Anonymous said...

I think returning a used lip balm is disgusting. You are returning a product that you had been using "everyday" since you got it. It's people like you that now women have to open products in store to check if it's been used/was returned used or not...

amynaree said...

i think i missed something here, i had no clue you got the cd lip balm! lol

i don't like returning stuff either, sometimes i just keep them and figure i'll give them away or do a blog sale or something! haha but that's the bad way out because it's probably best to return it and get something you like! plus Sephora is famous for their return policies and so is CVS I think one time I manned up and returned a use lipstick ..YEAH!

have fun in vegas!! I need to have a mini vacation there soon as well, I love the food, and the shopping! Ahhh I'm Jealous!

Anonymous said...

Wow, rude comment above. God forbid someone would have to look at something before they bought it, what a hassle! If someone were using a product everyday and it was stocked back in the shelf, that's probably a good indicator that you should be shopping somewhere else. I definitely say return the lip balm. Returns are a good way for companies to know what they shouldn't be stocking/making, IE products that don't work & make false claims. If a product doesn't live up to it's claims, it SHOULD be returned. Companies get away with way too much & I would encourage you to return items like that to let Sephora and Dior know that this is a subpar product. And for the other items, you definitely should not feel ashamed to return anything, Sephora has a generous return policy & they deal with returns all the time. They won't even think about it twice or even care if you do so. You changed your mind about a purchase, its no big deal!

Lulu said...

ooo blogger meet up is so much fun! i am glad ur hubby talked you into going and meeting the girls :)

I am bad with returning stuff too, but no fear cuz Sephora has the best return policy ever! :)

have fun in Vegas!!!

Diane said...

@Anonymous #1

Hey- I think returning used lip balm is disgusting too, that's why I'm having this problem. But why keep a product that doesn't work? In my defense-

If you return a used product the company is supposed to mark it out as "damaged" and should not be sold. If a company/business chooses to lie and put the product back on the shelf, that is bad business and not my fault. Regardless you should look at what your buying before agreeing to purchase it, that's just smart shopping.

Thanks for your comment. We all have our own opinions and I also thank you for giving me yours.

Kym said...

awwww how exciting that you ladies got to meet up!!! hehe! have fun in VEGAS! totally jealous... i miss that place! haha! ;P pictures please! :)

Diane said...

@Anonymous #2

"If someone were using a product everyday and it was stocked back in the shelf, that's probably a good indicator that you should be shopping somewhere else."

EXACTLY! Thank you! =)

Kalmo said...

Hi Diane!

I'm really really happy you ended up coming too! Thank you for the sweet words. My cheeks hurt from laughing so much that day LOL. I could tell the three of us were going to be good friends since there were never any awkward silences or anything LOL. It was very fun and I look forward to hanging out after your trip to Las Vegas.

Mmm I want Coconut Love stuff now since you describe it so well. Hehe I think the body butter smells like waffles too! Sugar waffles from Coldstone maybe... Sounds like I need to try that buxom mascara because your eyelashes looked fabulous on Saturday. :)

Sorry you didn't like any of the stuff you bought. I think you should just return the lipglosses and get what you want. I used to get embarrassed about returning things but I realize it was only because the sales assistant made me feel bad... but I don't want to keep products that break me out or don't work. And boo to that anonymous commenter. LOL You're not opening new products on the shelf and ruining them. Stores don't sell returned products anyways. Geez, she needs to chill out! XD

Have fun in Vegas! :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

I haven't tried the body butter from Tree Hut but I have the Brazilian Nut body scrub and I agree that it smells YUMMY. XD About the returning, I used to feel embarrassed but after realizing it was MY money those feelings of anxiety slowly disappeared...hehe. Have fun in Sin City!!!!!!

P.S The Sephora is larger than the ones I've been to here in L.A but smaller than the Venetian's in Vegas. HTH =)

Kasia_B said...

The meeting sounds like so much fun! I'm a chicken when it comes to returing stuff too. :/

Have fun in Vegas dear!!!

Emily said...

wah!!! seems like fun, too bad i couldnt go...i was going to go...but had no ride (cant wait till i can drive..currently im learning...but yeah...)

and well great stuff u got!!! thanks for sharing...great post!

J-Ezzy said...

I LOVE Vegas, I wanna go back and hit up the poker tables!

I love the new lotion formula for VS, it's sooooo much softer than before and I've been using these bad boys since I was in middle school...year 93 or

have a blast in Vegas!!!!

LADYJANE said...

I always feel bad when I have to exchange/return products. But it's YOUR money and it's not like you do it often, right? :)

adin_22 (陳亞任) said...

hi!diane....How come I hadn't seen this post???awww...u got to meet up amy & kalmo...u girls in cali..always had so much fun...I love those tree hut body everything smell so nice....& got to try that VS scent...I usually stay away from VS stuff...cuz' I think everything smells too strong..but I'm curious cuz' u said it smells great..and I'd say return it..a lip balm worth $25 that doesn't work as it promise is a rip off....:D

Iyah said...

awww.. I wish I could meet you someday too =) and maybe go retail therapy someday :)

I really love that Buxom lashes.. it just makes my lashes long :)

lilluna5416 said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH I bought the CD lip balm just today! >< !!!

paperdollrevenge said...

Ohh sounds like fun! I love Santa Monica Promenade! Aww like getting ready for a first date, it really is like a blind date, isn't it?! You think "What if we don't get along as well in person? What if the other person doesn't like me? What if we have nothing to talk about and it's awkward?!" =P But it's great when it all turns out well!

I know what you mean, I hate returning things too. So I spend a LONG time deciding on what to buy...which makes it even worse when I turn out not to like it and want to return it! But yeah, that Dior lip balm, for $25...I hope you did return it, so that you could get something you love or at least actually like instead. =)

Hmm honestly, I think if your skin is like mine, then it's better if you just do the SASE for samples, because it is really, really lightweight! I know it's cheaper but I would rather get Boscia or DHC, they're more moisturizing and DHC has Q10, woot woot.

I'm starting to feel the same about moisturizers for face + hands + body...the skin on my face seems so different than my hands & body. I actually just tried another multi-use cream today and it's so NOT going to be something I can use on my face, ack! I guess the search continues.

Anonymous said...

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