Saturday, December 26, 2009

What I received for Christmas!

I wasn't expecting much for Christmas because I hadn't really asked for anything. I love wrapping presents and giving gifts that's the part of Christmas I like most. I was so happy this Christmas to be able to spend time with my family and my husband's family, I didn't want much more than that. So I was pleasantly happy and surprised when I opened gifts from my husband and from my bestest blogger buddy Karen AKA Sizbelle. I couldn't believe the amazing things Karen got for me. I owe her big time. =)

Here is the stuff I received from Karen:

Beauté de Kosé's Esprique Precious Holiday Collection. I wanted this so bad, I had made a post about it earlier and Karen told me she had made one of my Christmas wishes come true, I never knew it would be this great! The blush is so pretty. I don't want to use it haha, I just want to stare at it everyday.

See, told ya it was gorgeous, gorgeous.

Karen knows how much I love Castledew stuff so she sent me these too!

I'm going to do a EOTD with this palette soon, so pretty.
Up close and personal!

Love this blush. Isn't it great?

Castledew lip gloss.

I love this color, it's perfect on my skintone. I'm turning into such a lip gloss whore. =)

So excited, this is my first Beautymaker product! The lipstick color is so pretty. I can't wait to do a neutral eye with dramatic lips. I think I'm going to rock this for New Years Eve.

Face Masks, these ones look super cool because they are stretchable, and you stretch them over your ears. Interesting right?

Here is the part where I literally blinked for about 2 minutes before I could take this out of the box. I thought Karen was super nice and awesome for sending me what she did. The Esprique Precious set was something I really wanted and she didn't have to go out of her way to get it for me. I was already so happy and bouncy when I saw this peeking through.

The 5th Anniversay Jill Stuart Mook! For those of you who own this you know why this is special. OMG I was so freakin' surprised my husband thought I was nutso. Hehe, even my mom was like.. "I want one!" But alas it was all mine!

Makeup case it came with. It also came with a mirror but I forgot to put it in the picture.


My husband was so sweet and got me something I had on my wishlist. Haha, I never thought he would get something like this for me. He hates the TV shows I watch. But look what he got:

(Too lazy to take any more pictures)
LOL that's right he got me the entire Gilmore Girls Series. I'm going to drive him crazy with this.

I can't forget about this...

That's right I got a Clarisonic!

I couldn't wait to wash my face.

Replacement heads and cleanser. I feel so loved <3

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas! I can't wait to see what everyone else got. =)



Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dramatic EOTD + Lady Gaga Concert (Pic Heavy)

I got back Sunday night from visiting family in Arizona. I had so much fun I already miss my nephews! We would have stayed longer but we had tickets for the Lady Gaga concert Monday night. We've seen Lady Gaga once before at a smaller venue called The Wiltern in L.A, this show was at the Nokia Theatre in Downtown L.A. which is HUMONGOUS! Lots of women AND men there dressed like Lady Gaga. =)

Here is the EOTD & LOTD I did for the show, I was going for something more bold and dramatic.

(Not wearing fake lashes, when I see pictures of my eyes like this I wonder why I think I need fuller lashes, haha)

Products I used:

1. MAC Greasepaint Stick in Black all over the lid.
2. Castledew White Silver Eyeshadow Palette, I used Silver Pearl Accent over the MAC Greasepaint Stick, then used the White Pearl color as a highlight.
3. Castledew Midnight Violet Eyeshadow Palette, I used Midnight Deep Violet and Midnight Violet in the crease and under the eye.
4. Lined my eyes with my favorite eyeliner, L'oreal Lineur Intense in Carbon Black.
5. Curled my eyelashes and coated them with Benefits BAD Gal Lash Mascara in Black.
6. Givenchy Lipstick in Raspberry Shine #06

Here are some of my pictures from the Lady Gaga show!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

What I wanted this Christmas

I'm very proud of myself. With all the great holiday collections out I have yet to buy myself anything this whole month. Well... so far. There are a couple of things I've wanted badly and even though I've seen some of these things over and over again I have yet to cave. In one hand I'm proud but on the other hand I'm sad I don't have anything that has come out this Christmas and I'm very jealous of some of you, but I still love you guys!

Here is my Christmas Wishlist (Hope the Hubby reads this):

1. Jill Stuart Sweetness Collection (I've been so good this year, I really deserve this.)

2. Esprique Precious Illuminate Fantasy Collection 2009 (Darn Karen AKA Sizbelle and Yumeko for making me crave this! Check out their blogs to see swatches and everything up close, SO BEAUTIFUL)

3. Beaute de Kose Fantasist Collection 2009 (Check out Swatches, EOTD, and everything up close HERE at Lotuspalace )

4. Gilmore Girls Complete DVD Set (Why do I love this show so much? LOL I have issues)

5. I Love Zombie Socks (Once again my unhealthy obsession with Zombies rears it's ugly head)

Time for my favorite Christmas movies! Every year at this time I watch my favorite Christmas movies. Here are the movies I watch every year:

1. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (Classic)

2. Love Actually (You know you all cried during this movie)

3. Nightmare Before Christmas

4. ELF (Guilty pleasure, also my husband loves Zooey)

Do you guys watch certain movies during the Holidays? Which ones? Don't be shy, we all know you watch these movies over and over again. LOL.

Tonight my weekend starts. My Husband and I leave to visit some family, and won't be back until Sunday night. So I will be away from blogger for a couple of days. On Monday we will be going to the Lady Gaga concert in L.A. so I will be doing a dramatic FOTD for the concert. I'm thinking it has to be bold and bright colors for a Lady Gaga concert.

Everyone have a fun and safe weekend!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Press On Eyeshadow???

Happy Friday everyone!

(New Items added 12/10/09 on my Blogsale HERE)

Today at work I got an interesting text from my bestfriend "K":

K: I want you to buy and do a review on the press on eyeshadows.

Me: wtf is a press on eyeshadow?

K: Um.. it's the new best thing.

Me: ew, scary.

I started googling "press on eyeshadow" and noticed a lot of links regarded this product. Even Sephora sells a version of press on eyeshadows called ColorOn.

Sephora's site states:

"Meet the first-ever press-on eyeshadow, created by world-famous makeup artist Irina Iosilevich. Now, women everywhere can get instant, professionally "done" makeup in the blink of an eye. ColorOn's EyeEnvy appliqué professional eyeshadows allow you to pick your perfect eyeshadow palette, press on and go. This ingenious shadow-shortcut was created by Iosilevich after 10 years of perfecting the all-mineral shadows in her kitchen. Offering dozens of different looks (from natural to smoky to leopard print), ColorOn Professional EyeEnvy lets you score crowd-wowing seconds."

I started thinking back to a scene in the movie The Fifth Element, (has anyone seen that movie?) where Milla Jovovich's character is handed a CHANEL makeup compact/goggles. She puts it over her eyes, presses and button and woosh all her eye makeup is applied to her eyes perfectly like magic. Everytime I saw that scene I thought "I want that" but never thought such a thing would ever exist in my lifetime. But now something might have come close.

What are your thoughts?

Would you use press on eyeshadows?

Who has already tried this product?

Since the prices for these sets are actually not expensive they are running about $17.50 right now at Sephora. I'm thinking of buying one and testing it out just for you guys.

Have a Great Weekend! Bye! XOXO

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

EOTD + The Cranberries

Hello Everyone!

Last Friday night I went to the Nokia Live in Downtown L.A. to see one of my favorite bands The Cranberries. I decided to create an EOTD based on that night. Strange right? Haha, I don't care I like music and makeup. Be nice homeslice!

At first I wanted to do my makeup like this for the show:

But then I remembered I had an old MAC palette I had found while cleaning out my makeup traincase. This palette has the MAC eyeshadow in "Cranberry", so I knew I had to use it. Here is the look I created:

Products I used:

MAC Eyeshadow in "Casino"
MAC Eyeshadow Palette: "Blurr" and "Cranberry"
Paul & Joe Pearl Powder in #002 (Holiday Collection)
L'oreal Lineur Intense Black Eyeliner (Not Pictured)
Bare Escentuals Buxom Lipgloss in "Amber"

I hope my first attempt at posting in EOTD was okay, let me know if guys think I should do more.

I'll leave you with the actually Cranberries.

Yes, I was that close we were in the pit!

Too bad the sounds sucks but we were too close to the speakers.

Till Next Time!