Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sorry for the lack of updates, but until then...

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have had a rough month of tooth pain, summer heat, baby birds (don't ask), migraines, car troubles, car accidents, crazy work schedule, and much more that has kept me from blogging.

I have things lined up, and should be back to blogging in September. I feel so out of the makeup loop and hope I can jump right back in. I recently became a writer over at weheartthis.com and just had my first review posted on their site, so please check that out RIGHT HERE and support another wonderful blog.

Until I'm officially back enjoy these photos of squirrels that have taken over my front yard.

Thank you,

It was super hot that day =)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Lipstick League - week of 7.25.11

Question of the Week:

  • What's your favorite skincare line?

I really don't stick to one skincare line. I use different products from different lines, but right now the skincare lines I like are: Kate Somerville, Embryolisse, Arcona, and The Body Shop Vitamin E line. I mix the products from these lines to suit my skin, which I feel has been working out pretty well.

Now to this weeks links...

Orange to LA - shares her casual yet cool Style Essentials, see what items she needs to have in her stash at ALL times.

Pink Sith - Had made the decree that she will be buried with her Urban Decay Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion...not that she's morbid or anything.

Phyrra - is delighted with the 15-Year Anniversary Eye Shadow Collection from Urban Decay.

Prime Beauty - was dazed and confused-- but oh so happy after visiting the Inglot Cosmetics store.

Vampy Varnish - declares that Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Cream Liner is better than MAC Blacktrack!

we heart this - The MAC Colourization eye shadow duos have us hungry like the wolf! Join us on a swatch fest set to classic 80s albums.

Beauty Junkies Unite - Check out the review & swatches for the Touring America Collection by OPI, before its official launch date!

Clumps of Mascara - is shocked that Essence's polishes are so cheap and yet so delightful.

EauMG - Victoria of EauMG takes a trip to Washington's lavender land!

Lipglossiping - is all of a flutter test-driving Benefit's new They're Real! mascara. Come see the before & after photos and be impressed!

Nouveau Cheap - reviews one of the new L'Oreal Color Riche le Gloss lipglosses. A "your lips but better" shade that tastes like chocolatey marshmallow? Yes, please.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Style Essentials


Style essentials. Let's break it down here, I'm not talking about the cute trendy clothes we buy, I'm talking about the bare necessities. The items you must have in your closet at all times, the things you pack first in your suitcase if you are going away for a few days. Items that really make you feel like yourself. Here are some items I have in my closet all the time, I can't live without them.

Long Cardigans
I don't know what it is about long cardigans or "grandpa sweaters", but I love them. When it's cold I grab for these sweaters first. I have these sweaters in all the basic colors, black, grey, brown, cream. I love how they go with almost anything and I always feel safe and comfy when I'm wearing one.

Black Converse "Chucks"
I have been wearing Chucks for as long as I can remember. They are essential and actually look good with almost any outfit. You can wear them with shorts, jeans, skirts, even casual dresses, regardless they always look cool. I love my stilettos and wedges but Chucks have a special place in my heart.

Vintage Jewelry or "Vintage Like"
I love vintage earrings and necklaces. They dress up any outfit and don't look overly "bling" which tends to scare me. I have a small collection of vintage earrings and a huge collection of vintage like necklaces. I love anything with owls or fish on it.

Knock em' dead lipstick or lip gloss
Every girl needs to have a knock em' dead lipstick or lip gloss in their bag. I personally love a good hot pink or red lipstick. A bold lipstick or lip gloss color can turn any day time look into a night time look. Plus you never know who you will meet and ladies you should always be ready to knock em' dead!

Black Liquid Liner
I am a liquid liner fiend. This is not a secret and I am not ashamed. I have always loved black liner and will always love black liner. It is apart of me and I will never part with it.

Statement Handbag
I may not like paying an obscene amount of money on jeans and clothes, but I am totally fine with dropping a whole paycheck on a purse I love, call me crazy I don't care. Whether it's a beautiful Chanel or even those Forever21 bags, if it makes a statement you need it in your life.

Skinny Jeans
I was against the whole skinny jean movement when they first started becoming popular. I searched stores wondering what happened to regular jeans. But once I embraced the skinny jean I realized how versatile they were. Now I always have a good pair of skinny jeans in my closet. They look cute with my heels, my flats, and most important they look cute with my chucks.

This is self explanatory, every girl should carry sunglasses. I had laser surgery on my eyes years and years ago and ever since then I realized how important it is to take care of your eyes. I have always been a little sensitive to light but after the amount of money I spent on my eyes I treat them like precious diamonds. Plus sunglasses are also great for those mornings when I haven't had my coffee yet.

Basic Tees
Basic tees are fun and come in a variety of colors. Some days I don't want to overly think about 'what to wear' so I throw on jeans and a basic tee. I have them in every color and sometimes even layer them for fun.

So ladies, what items are apart of your style essential list?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Lipstick League - week of 7.18.11

Question of the Week:

  • In some sort of cruel twist of fate, it's ruled that you can only wear one brand for the rest of your life - which do you choose?

If I had to choose one brand to wear for the rest of my life that brand would have to fit some criteria. A brand that has a foundation that I love, a large range that continues to change and add products, as well as a brand that is easily accessible to me and most people. For me when I add that all together I think I would have to pick Chanel. Chanel is not my favorite brand but it is in the top 5 of my favorite brands. Chanel is easily accessible, has a foundation I love, and it's range is constantly changing. Chanel is classic, I can create a look for work or easily change it up and create a look for a night out. I love Le Metier de Beaute and at first I thought that would be the brand I would choose, the only reason I didn't is because LMdB products sell out across the board and takes a while to get products in stock. For example I waited almost 5 months to get my foundation in stock. I love you LMdB but I can't wait 5 months for my foundation if I run out.

Now onto this weeks links...

Nouveau Cheap - gives you an in-depth review of the new Salma Hayek Nuance Beautiful Blends Eye Quad, and it's unlike anything you've ever seen before (no, really).

Orange to LA - Continues her Color Inspiration & Coordination series. This time her inspiration is a cute orange Birkin inspired tote bag. See which orange products she loves this season.

Pink Sith - is just one "Bye" short of an 'N Sync Reference when she tells you how much she loves the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer!

Phyrra - swoons over the new Too Faced Exotic Color Intense Eye Shadows.

Vampy Varnish - loves some of the new colors in the China Glaze Metro Collection Which ones do you like?

we heart this - Our Kitchen Cosmetician experiments with exfoliation, using ingredients that cost pennies per use!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill #3 Purpura

Giorgio Armani 'Eyes To Kill' High Voltage 24-Hour Eyeshadow - (32.00)

My Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill shadows are my go to shadows. When I don't know what to wear or if I'm in a rush I know my ETK shadows will always work great. I currently own about 7 different colors and have only come across one color that I didn't love. I was excited when I saw GA had released a new color that I was seeing hit blogs, and that color was #3 Purpura.

Purpura is a silver-infused purple with gold flecks. In the pan the purple and gold is very dominate, but once on the skin the color is more on the silver metallic side. The color itself can come off a little sheer at times and can even have a very slight grey undertone, but at no means is this a dull color. Purpura can be used in a lot of different ways and can really be paired with almost any color. My favorite is to wear a little gold under my eyes to bring out the gold flecks in the ETK shadow.

In case you're not familiar with the Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill shadows let me remind you of some of the basics.

1. The eye shadows can be worn dry or wet.
2. The eye shadows are long lasting.
3. The eye shadow textures are a little like a cream shadow but applies like a dry shadow.

I tried to do a Giorgio Armani only FOTD:

Le Metier de Beaute 'Peau Vierge Correcteur' Concealer
Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
Giorgio Armani Micro-Fil Loose Powder
Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush in #6
Giorgio Armani Platinum Palette Sheer Shimmer
Chantecaille Bronzer in St. Barth's

Le Métier de Beauté 'Brow Bound' Eyebrow Pencil
Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill #3 Purpura

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill #15 (under eye)
Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara


Giorgio Armani Rouge d'armani lipstick in #516

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Color Inspiration & Coordination: Orange

Continuing with the Color Inspiration & Coordination series, today I decided to focus on this seasons hot trend- Orange. I have a big collection of tote bags, tote bags are perfect for work and for running errands when I need to carry a lot of stuff with me. This weeks inspiration: my orange Hermes Birkin inspired Banana Taipei Canvas Bag. This bag is fun and great for summer, after going through my makeup collection I decided to pick out some of my favorite orange products.

My favorite orange products:

MAC My Paradise Cheek Powder
MAC Temperature Rising Lip Pencil
Majolica Majorca Cheek Customize OR211
Shu Uemura Blush in P peach 45
MAC Blush in Style
LMdB Splendid Frost Kaleidoscope E/S in Rockette
MAC Eyeshadow in Paradisco
MAC Pigment in Melon
MAC Lipstick in Neon Orange
YSL Lipstick in #13
Paul & Joe Cream Blush in #4

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Lipstick League - week of 7.11.11

Question of the Week:

  • What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a beauty product?

This question is a little tough to answer, "beauty product" is such a general term, are we talking skin care, hair care, and makeup products? Well, I will answer this in a few different ways. The most I have ever spent on a skin care product was back when I started testing Creme de la Mer products. The moisturizer alone was between 135.00 and 250.00 depending on what size you purchased. The most I have ever spent on a single hair care product had to be when I purchased Philip B's White Truffle Shampoo and Conditioner, my wallet was really hurting at that point. Last but not least, I think the most I have ever spent on a single makeup product was recently when I fell in love with Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge Anti-Aging Complex Tinted Treatment, I love this product and think it's worth every penny... and it's a lot of pennies.

Enough about extreme spending, on to this weeks links...

Lipglossiping - champions the Brit pack with a couple of purchases from Mary Quant Cosmetics, ironically... made in Japan!

Nouveau Cheap - There's a surprising little twist to the new Wet n Wild Juicy Lip Balms. What could it be?

Orange to LA - has been smitten with another blush, this time it is Giorgio Armani Blushing Fabric #5 Raspberry. Find out if you need this blush in your collection!

Pink Sith - has pictures and swatches of the Nordstrom Annual Sale EXCLUSIVE Chanel Joues Contraste Blush in Rose Tourbillon. Something to add to your shopping list!

Phyrra - has an awesome Vampirella liner tutorial for you!

Vampy Varnish - loves the new Wet n Wild Nail Color Collection called Mermaid's Cove ! Which are your favs?

we heart this - Our beauty scientist put Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner to the test. Did it pass with flying colors, or running streaks?

Beauty Junkies Unite - Amber reviews some of the July exclusive Limited Edition Milani High Speed Fast Dry Nail Lacquers to see how they perform!